Research Interests

Overview of Research Interests

My research focuses on how species interactions alter organismal and population level processes that drive community composition.  I use manipulative field and laboratory studies to elucidate the emergent effects of species interactions, and am particularly interested in how the cascading effects of indirect interactions influence community dynamics.  I am also interested in positive interactions, particularly mutualisms and facilitation by foundational species, and in how organismal behavior and morphology interacts with the physical environment.  My research has combined these interests and addresses the direct and indirect effects of positive interactions, interaction modification by facilitators, and how morphology of a foundational species impacts the abundance and diversity of organisms within a community.

Graduate Research

My graduate research focused on the emergent effects of species interactions and organismal morphology. I explored the effects of a mutualism I discovered between amphipods and corals, investigating how the amphipods alter coral morphology and documenting the impacts of these changes on the reef community.  Please read more:

Dissertation Research
Additional Graduate Research Experiences

Undergraduate & Post-baccalaureate Research

I have participated in a wide range of research activities in fields as diverse as paleontology, seismology, ornithology, shark physiology and paleooceanographic biogeochemistry.  I have enjoyed exploring so many fields, and these positions have given me a depth of experience that is invaluable as a field researcher.  Please read more:

Biological Research
Geophysical Research