Geophysical Research

Geophysical Research & Public Outreach

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, Seattle, WA

1997-2001 – Research Aide

   For four years, I worked at the University of Washington seismology lab as a research aide for the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network.  My primary duties included media relations, educational outreach, routine seismic data analysis, development of a wireless earthquake information system, and data acquisition for the USGS and the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array.


United States Geological Survey, Seattle, WA

1998-2000 – Volunteer

   I deployed seismometers and acquired data for the three phases of the USGS Seismic Hazards in Puget Sound (SHiPS) investigation.  I also coordinated SHiPS media events, hosting various news conferences and acting as liaison between reporters and scientists.  


NASA Space Grant Program, Seattle, WA

Summer 1997 – Summer Intern

   I worked with Dr. Anthony Qamar, completing a geodetic survey of Western Washington for use in a study of crustal deformation of the Juan de Fuca Subduction Zone.  

Seismic Hazard Mitigation & Emergency Management

Federal Emergency Management Agency/City of Seattle Project Impact, Seattle, WA

1998-2002 – Assistant to the PNSN Representative

   I edited hazard vulnerability analyses and disaster management plans for the City of Seattle and the University of Washington, hosted disaster preparedness events, and acted as a scientific advisor for FEMA and the City of Seattle’s Project Impact initiative.


Institute for Hazard Mitigation Planning and Research, Seattle, WA

1999-2000 – Small Business Advisor

   I consulted and prepared disaster mitigation plans for small businesses in King County and translated educational material into Spanish for disaster training courses in Latin America.


American Red Cross, King County Disaster Services, Seattle, WA

1996-2000 – Volunteer

   I volunteered at the King County American Red Cross chapter, in the disaster services division, and served as the president of the University of Washington chapter of the Red Cross University Leaders.  I initiated a program under the Project Impact Initiative (see above) whereby Red Cross volunteers would teach disaster preparedness at local schools.

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