Biological Research & Conservation

Avian Migratory Stop-over Ecology, San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area, AZ

Spring 2003 – Biological Technician, University of Montana

   I worked with David Cerasale, studying avian stop-over foraging ecology along the Bureau of Land Management’s San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.  I was lead entomologist, and oversaw arthropod collection and identification.  I also assisted in mist-netting to acquire passerine blood samples for metabolite analysis, and behavioral observations of feeding behavior. (photos)


Conservation and Biological Monitoring of the Rock Islands, Palau

Winter 2003 – Volunteer Ranger, Koror State  Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement

   I volunteered for Koror State Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement, conducting SCUBA surveys of butterflyfishes and coral cover, developing protocols for surveying mangrove clams, placing marker buoys for demarcation of no-take reserves, implementing rodent control, and accompanying patrols of the Rock Islands. (photos)


Winter Wren Overwintering Ecology, Fort Lewis Forest Management Area, WA

Winter 2002 – Biological Technician, University of Washington College of Forest Resources

   I worked with Nick Palozzotto under Dr. David Manuwal, studying avian wintering ecology and natural history, part of a larger study by the US Forest Service examining efficacy of variable density thinning for promoting old growth structure in secondary forests.  My duties included spot mapping, point count surveys of all winter resident avian species, and mist-netting and marking target individuals.


Passerine Nesting Success in Human Impacted Areas, Forks, WA

Summer 2001 – Research Field Technician II, UW Olympic Natural Resources Center

   I worked with Dr. Matthias Leu, studying passerine nesting success in relation to predator habitat utilization, part of a larger study by Dr. John Marzluff, validating models for predator structuring of avian communities and predatory impact on Marbled Murrelet reproductive success.  My duties included territory mapping and nest searching; remote camera maintenance and deployment; mist netting and banding; corvid trapping and radio-telemetry; and vegetation surveys. (photos)


Physiological Adaptations for Endothermy in the Lamnidae, La Jolla, CA

Summer 2000 – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, Scripps Institution of Oeanography

   I worked with Diego Bernal in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Graham, assisting in a physiological study of endothermy in lamnid sharks.  My primary duties involved dissection and morphological comparison of various shark species' circulatory systems; specimen collection and boat handling; construction of aquaria and flumes; and measurement of internal temperatures of various tissues in swimming fish. (photos)


Polyplacophoran Diversity of the San Juan Islands, WA

Spring 1999 – Research Apprentice, UW Friday Harbor Laboratories

   I apprenticed under Dr. Alan Kohn and Dr. Bruno Pernet, studying polyplacophoran diversity in the San Juan Islands.  My project included surveying chiton species found on the islands, collecting specimens and curating the lab's synoptic collection.  I also assisted in the collection and preservation of a variety of other organisms. (photos; catalog)


Effects of Temperature on Foraminifera Growth, Santa Barbara, CA

Summer 1998 – Summer Academic Research Intern, UCSB Marine Science Institute

   I interned in the lab of Dr. David Lea, and worked with Peter von Langen culturing spinose and non-spinose planktonic foraminifera for his paleooceanographic studies.  My duties included specimen collection and identification; maintenance in constant temperature conditions; documentation of feeding, growth and culturing conditions; and preparation for isotopic analysis.

Avian Specimen Preparation, Seattle, WA

1998-2001 – Research Assistant, UW Burke Museum of Natural History

    I collected tissues for genetic analysis, and prepared skin, skeleton and wing specimens for inclusion in the museum's avian research collection. (catalog)

Comparative Microstructure of Vertebrate Bone, Seattle, WA

1997-1998 – Research Assistant, UW Burke Museum of Natural History

    I worked with Dr. John Rensberger, thin-sectioning bird, mammal and dinosaur bone for analysis of canalicular structure and primary and secondary osteonic arrangement in vertebrate bone.

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