Educational Outreach

In exploring my interests, I have discovered an incredible enthusiasm for public outreach and science education, and have been very active in educational outreach activities.  There is a void of qualified professionals translating science to the public, and as my career progresses I will continue to engage the public and promote science education.

Student Oceanography Club, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA

2009-2011 – Mentor

   I am a mentor for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Student Oceanography Club.  The club introduces middle school students to marine biology, oceanography and conservation through lectures, group activities, field experiences and individual projects.

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Moorea Coral Reef LTER Education Program, Santa Barbara, CA

2007-2009 – Contributor

   I have actively contributed to the Moorea Coral Reef LTER Education Program,  speaking to school groups and authoring species accounts and donating photographs for the Moorea Coral Reef Marine Life Encyclopedia.

NCEAS Kids Do Ecology Classroom Program, Santa Barbara, CA

2005-2009 – Scientist

   I am a classroom scientist for the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Kids Do Ecology Classroom Program.  As a scientist, I visit Santa Barbara classrooms and lead 5th grade classes through research projects aimed at giving them an understanding of ecology and the scientific method.  After students have completed their experiment, they compile their data and create a poster that they present to other classes at a poster session held at NCEAS.


Hollister Ranch Conservancy Tidepool School, Gaviota, CA

   2006-2009 – Docent

   I am a docent for the Hollister Ranch Conservancy Tidepool School Program.  Tidepool School docents lead 3rd through 7th grade classrooms on intertidal walks, introducing students to marine biodiversity and natural history.  The children are able to see and touch an astounding array of marine organisms, and learn about intertidal ecology and conservation. (photos)


Acadia Institute of Oceanography, Seal Harbor, ME

Jun-Nov 2003 – Teaching Staff

   I worked at the Acadia Institute of Oceanography, teaching two week high-school programs in oceanography.  I taught various subjects, including geology, geophysics, seismology, ornithology, intertidal ecology, invertebrate taxonomy, ichthyology (natural history and anatomy), and various field sampling techniques.  I also helped teach a week long course in tropical ecology at the Hofstra University Marine Laboratory in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.  There I collected specimens for class use, and taught invertebrate ecology and taxonomy. (photos)


PRBO Conservation Science, Bolinas, CA

   Mar-Nov 2002 – Education Intern

   At the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, my primary responsibilities were interpreting avian research to visitors at the Palomarin Field Station, giving lectures at local schools, guiding bird walks, hosting ecology-oriented fairs, and producing educational materials and displays.  I also curated the PRBO research skins collection, and aided in passerine mist-netting and banding. (photos; catalog)


Birch Aquarium, San Diego, CA

Summer 2000 – Educational Outreach Volunteer

   While working at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (see Biological Research), I assisted in teaching shark anatomy and physiology at the Birch Aquarium, including preparing shark jaws and skins for a museum display, leading aquarium patrons through dogfish dissections, and conducting a shark dissection during a live webcast sponsored by the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.  

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