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Published Papers

Bergsma, G.S. (2012) “Mutualists alter coral susceptibility and response to biotic disturbance through cascading trait-mediated indirect interactions.” Coral Reefs. 31(2): 461-469. DOI: 10.1007/s00338-011-0861-0 <PDF>

Bergsma, G.S. (2012) “Coral mutualists enhance fish abundance and diversity through morphology-mediated facilitation cascade.” Marine Ecology Progress Series. 451: 151-161. DOI: 10.3354/meps09615 <PDF>

Bergsma, G.S. & C.M. Martinez* (2011) “Mutualist-induced morphological changes enhance growth and survival of corals.” Marine Biology. 158(10): 2267-2277. DOI:10.1007/s00227-011-1731-6 <PDF>

Bergsma, G.S. (2009) “Tube-dwelling coral symbionts induce significant morphological change in Montipora.” Symbiosis. 49: 143-150. DOI: 10.1007/s13199-009-0047-5 <PDF>

Bergsma G.S. (2009) Ecological effects of finger-forming coral symbionts. Ph.D. Dissertation. Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. 131pp. ISBN: 9781109608151

Published Data

Bergsma, G.S. (2010) Moorea Coral Reef LTER: Coral Reef: Sand Flat Sampling: Sand Infaunal Surveys. knb-lter-mcr.5001.7 <>.

*Indicates undergraduate author.

Field Guides

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Invited Talks & Seminars

Bergsma GS, “Untangling biological interactions to understand how a species affects its community.” Invited talk for the CSUMB School of Natural Sciences Seminar Series, Nov. 2016.

Bergsma GS, “Untangling biological interactions to understand how one species affects a reef community.” Invited talk for the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Seminar Series, Jan. 2013.

Bergsma GS, “An amphipod’s place: discovering how one species affects a coral reef.” Invited talk for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Lunchtime Seminar Series, May 2010.

Bergsma GS, “Interaction Cascades: a case study in how direct and indirect effects of a coral mutualist propagate through a reef,” Invited talk for the UCSB Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Seminar Series, Nov. 2009.

Bergsma GS, “Community Cascades: a case study in how direct and indirect effects propagate through a system,” Invited talk for the UW Friday Harbor Laboratories Seminar Series, Nov. 2007.

Bergsma GS, “Effects of Mutualistic Tube-dwelling Amphipods on Corals,” Invited talk at the Taiwan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Feb. 2007.

Bergsma GS, “Comparison of Tube-dwelling Symbiotic Amphipods of Moorea and Taiwan,” Seminar given at the NMMBA Polyp Lab Meeting, Feb. 2007.

Conference Presentations

Reyes Gallegos E* and Bergsma GS, “The relationship between arthropod communities and the presence of lichen in oak woodlands,” Poster presented at the Entomological Society of America Pacific Branch Annual Meeting, Apr. 2019 <PDF>

Gautreaux ST* and Bergsma GS, “The effect of lichen cover on avian communities and foraging in oak woodlands,” Poster presented at The Wildlife Society California Central Coast Annual Wildlife Symposium, Nov. 2018 <PDF>

Vizina RM* and Bergsma GS, “Comparison of the ecological communities that reside in high lichen vs. low lichen oak woodlands,” Poster presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, Jan. 2018 <PDF>

Bergsma GS, “With a little help from the little guy: symbiosis on the coral reef,” National Association of Interpreters Certified Interpretive Guide Training Workshop, Mar. 2010

Bergsma GS, “Comparison of the impacts of echinoderms on foundation species in temperate and tropical reefs,” Poster presented at the International Temperate Reef Symposium, Jan. 2009 <PDF>

Bergsma GS, “The effect of symbiont induced structure on crown-of-thorns prey choice,” MCR LTER All Investigator Meeting, Nov. 2008

Bergsma GS, “Montipora as fish habitat in Moorea: quality of corals as fish refuge,” Poster presented at the MCR LTER Graduate Student Meeting, Nov. 2008 <PDF>

Bergsma GS, “Tubiculous coral symbionts induce morphological change and enhance growth in Montipora,” Poster presented at the International Coral Reef Symposium, Jul. 2008

Bergsma GS, “Mutualist induced coral structure provides habitat for reef fish,” Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting, Nov. 2007

Gowan JC*, Bergsma GS and Brooks AJ, “Secondary effects of Acanthaster planci predation on survival of resident damselfish,” Poster presented at the WSN Annual Meeting, Nov. 2007 (Best Poster Award) <PDF>

Bergsma GS, “Mutualistic tube-dwelling amphipods protect coral from predators,” Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting, Nov. 2006 (Mia Tegner Award)

Bergsma GS, “Mutualistic tube-dwelling amphipods enhance growth in corals,” MCR LTER Scientist Meeting, Nov. 2006

Bergsma GS, “Coral mutualist induced morphological defense from echinoid predators,” Poster presented at the NSF LTER Annual Scientists Meeting, Sep. 2006 <PDF>

Bergsma GS, “Ecological significance of tube-dwelling amphipods,” MCR LTER Scientist Meeting, Dec. 2005

Bergsma GS, "Comparison of afferent branchial arteries of three sharks," Scripps Institution of Oceanography Undergraduate Research Conference, Aug. 2000

Steele WP and Bergsma GS, “Rapid alert for Cascadia earthquakes,” Poster presented at the Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting, Apr. 1999

Bergsma GS and Von Langen P, "Culturing planktonic foraminifera in order to better understand climate change," UCSB SARI Research Colloquia, Aug. 1998

Bergsma GS and Qamar A, "Data acquisition for the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array," Poster presented at the NASA Space Grant Consortium Annual Meeting, Sep. 1997

*Indicates undergraduate author.